IBC 2023: Eluvio to Demonstrate New Live Streaming, FAST, PVOD and Connected TV Experiences

Eluvio announces the availability of a suite of new capabilities to deliver and monetize live, FAST channels, PVOD, and interactive media experiences using the Eluvio Content Fabric and a new, complementary Eluvio Media Wallet for Connected TVs.

Eluvio also announces the appointment of industry veteran, Jerry Scheibeler, as Global Vice President of Sales, and opened registration for its exclusive keynotes and demonstration events at IBC on September 16-18.

The Eluvio Content Fabric is an open and decentralized, streaming, content distribution, and storage network built for the third generation Internet. The Fabric delivers live streams with deterministic end-to-end latencies of 2 seconds globally to standard streaming clients (DASH/HLS over HTTP), and provides a complete full-featured media stack to publish, store and deliver content at scale including personalization, access control, content protection and proof of engagement. At IBC 2023, Eluvio will introduce and demonstrate turn-key premium live streaming, PVOD, and FAST Channel streaming from the Fabric now with forensic watermarking, personalized (‘server side’) ad insertion at scale, and a complete media stack including AI/ML content tagging and search.

All features are available to standard streaming clients and can also be coupled with the new Eluvio Media Wallet, a universal personal media vault now available for all major Connected TV platforms that expands the streaming and unique content ownership features of the Content Fabric to mainstream consumers at scale. The Media Wallet, shortlisted for the 2023 IABM BAM Award, breaks the mold of traditional content economics with direct peering between publishers and audience at scale.

Last year, Eluvio received the TV Tech “Best of Show” Award at IBC. Some of the companies, artists and brands whose premium video distribution initiatives have been powered by Eluvio include FOX Entertainment, Globo, MGM Studios, Microsoft, SONY Pictures, Telstra, Dolly Parton, WWE and most recently WB Movieverse from Warner Bros.— which won the IBC 2023 International Honour for Excellence (IHFE) Award on its 100th anniversary.

“We are bringing radical efficiency, simplicity, performance, and openness to the premium video supply chain,” says Michelle Munson, co-founder and CEO of Eluvio. “The Eluvio Content Fabric was specifically created to remove the limitations of legacy distribution and transform and simplify premium video and digital media delivery and its profitability for publishers. We’ve completed the feature set in the Content Fabric to now take on some of the most challenging problems for streaming video, and we’re excited to demonstrate all of this at IBC. We’re also very proud that joining us will be Jerry Scheibeler, our new vice president of sales, a proven commercial leader experienced in internet video infrastructure, to help us expand our reach to customers around the globe.”

Third Generation Internet Video Delivery

Unlike legacy content distribution networks and media clouds, the Eluvio Content Fabric is an open global network implementing a content-native protocol that allows all forms of media to be published once and distributed at scale globally. Key attributes of the Content Fabric include being:

  • Hyper efficient – Over 10x cost saving and carbon saving at scale over legacy CDNs and media clouds;
  • Open – An open network of nodes running the Content Fabric Protocol as a utility blockchain network;
  • Fast – Decentralized, high-performance content streaming, distribution and storage including 4K live, PVOD, and interactive content;
  • Simple – All media cloud and CDN functions in one dynamic protocol;
  • Secure – Trustless content encryption, forensic watermarking, DRM, and access control built in and end-to-end;
  • Transparent – Tamper-free, Web3 native, and PII (personal identification information) neutral; and
    Just-in-time and Personalized – Content and ad insertion at scale (e.g., FAST).

Publishers can distribute (D2C) premium Video on Demand (PVOD), Live Channels, FAST Channels, and Interactive experiences directly to consumers with built-in sell-through models – transactional sell through, subscription, and free/ad supported.

The Eluvio Content Fabric also enables new monetization opportunities such as live streamed events, Web3 digital collectables and interactive multimedia/video NFTs; XR experiences; and loyalty and fan engagement programs with integrated ticketing, tokens, and payments.

Audiences can discover, own, enjoy, and if authorized, retrade in these experiences via blockchain ownership, authorization and windowing enabled by the Content Fabric. No legacy CDN, media cloud or user PII is required. Built-in ML/AI content tagging also allows content companies to search, organize, and monetize archives and video libraries to automatically generate clips and other customized video marketplaces. Eluvio offers Web3-native turnkey and brandable websites, storefronts, and video marketplaces, and a native Media Wallet. The distribution maximizes the return for the publisher, the efficiency of the distribution, and the engagement opportunities for the consumer.

Eluvio Media Wallet, FAST Channels, & Personalized Ad Insertion

The Eluvio Media Wallet is a consumer application and embeddable API for discovering, streaming, owning, and enjoying content directly from its publishers via the Content Fabric. It is available on web/mobile browsers, and now across all major Connected TV platforms, including Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV. With more than 1,600 device platforms and growing, the Eluvio Media Wallet expands the reach of the Eluvio Content Fabric to mainstream consumers at scale.

The Wallet premiered on Connected TV with Warner Bros.’ release of “The Flash” under a first-ever, personal sell-through ownership window directly to fans. For movies, the master film and all associated bonus footage, extras, and interactive experiences are streamed to fans’ Media Wallets via the Content Fabric. International release windows are implemented with no separate rights management system via on-chain policies and backed by the Fabric’s end-to-end content security and DRM. Similarly, the Eluvio Media Wallet allows publishers to offer content under any sell through model and window (ownership, subscription pass, or ad supported).

Most of today’s FAST channel solutions trade off content personalization against latency, scalability, and privacy. Traditional server-side ad insertion limits the range of ads in exchange for scalability to large streaming audiences. Conventional client side or “edge” insertion technologies allow for greater personalization, but they encumber the client/network with specialized logic limiting scalability, and often require the client to load multiple streams concurrently, resulting in latency and load. Both ad approaches have conventionally stored cookies or turned to differential privacy to protect the personal identification information (PII) of streaming clients.

At IBC, Eluvio will demonstrate how publishers can distribute subscription PVOD and Live Channels, and FAST channels, where ad and programming content is inserted on-demand by the Content Fabric for that particular wallet. The content is published once, and is secured, streamed and authorized by the Content Fabric. Personalization is flexible and scalable in the Fabric using its dynamic bitcode.

The Eluvio Content Fabric supports individually personalized insertion of content within live and on-demand streams to scale audiences with low latency and no custom players required (e.g., 2 seconds for live streams using standard HLS and fragmented MP4 packaging to standard ABR players). User sessions are authorized using the user’s on-chain address tied to the Media Wallet address rather than personal identity (PII).

The Media Wallet is a direct channel from publisher to audience with unlimited customizable offers and transactions, and allows for new engagement opportunities including:

  • Bundled movie tickets, early access titles, redeemable offers in retail, and continuous content updates;
  • Exclusive access/super fan channels;
  • Interactive experiences with AR/VR and other on-screen “hot spots”;
  • User-contributions such as user-generated clips, content feedback, on-chain tipping, re-trading marketplaces and more.

The Eluvio Media Wallet is a full EVM crypto wallet with an embeddable API. It can be dropped into existing streaming media properties through its single-sign on and deep link APIs. Consumers enjoy SSO or email sign on, or can choose native crypto wallet sign on. All engagement and purchasing is recorded transparently on the Content Fabric blockchain without middle parties, and any transaction can be incentivized through on-chain rewards/payments.

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