Mark Schubin, Contributor, Schubin Cafe

Mark Schubin, Contributor, Schubin Cafe

Mark Schubin ranks among the best of the best television engineers today. He brings more than 40 years experience to every production along with a wealth of television history and lore. A consultant now to many large communications companies both here and abroad he took time out from his busy schedule to talk to us about the production of an opera produced in 720p with the Panasonic production truck, the same one used for many of the ABC produced Monday Night Football games. Mark talks about some of the characteristics of HDTV which differ from the older standard.

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"Bang" Presentation: A Bit More

I neglected to describe all of the images on slide 19. The upper right image on that slide (at right here) shows that, in a cinema auditorium, detail resolutions beyond HD might be visible to everyone in the audience, even in the last row. The ARRI Alexa camera, from the same company that provided that image, […]  More

Handwriting Matters!

In many of my Fandom of the Opera lectures and some of my other writings about media technology and opera, I’ve made reference to two people who are candidates to be called the first person to use electronic home entertainment. I cannot yet tell which had priority. The year was 1880. The month was likely November. […]  More

Bang for the Buck

Something extraordinary happened shortly after noon local time on Saturday, September 14, at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam (aside from the fact that the fresh herring vendors were no longer wearing traditional klederdracht). It could affect at least the short-term future of television. And a possible long-term future was also revealed at the […]  More

Request for Proposals for 2014 HPA Tech Retreat

Labor Day is over, so it’s that time of year again: time to think about proposing presentations for the 2014 HPA Tech Retreat, February 17-21 at the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells (Palm Springs, California area). Many say it’s the most-important event of the year. For those of you not familiar with the retreat, HPA is […]  More

Schubin Materials from 2013 International Workshop on High-Quality Dynamic Cross-Continental Networked Artistic Interaction, Businesspark Struer, Struer, Denmark, August 28-30

Here are links to my materials associated with the 2013 International Workshop on High-Quality Dynamic Cross-Continental Networked Artistic Interaction held at Businesspark Struer, Struer, Denmark. August 28-30.   Here is a .pdf version of the slides: Schubin Struer Slides Here’s a link to the slide show, including audio:   Here is a detailed chronology […]  More

Opera and Eye

The Blind, an opera by Lera Auerbach being performed this week at the Lincoln Center Festival, has a number of unusual aspects. Unlike many opera productions today, it does not have visible titles to indicate what the singers are singing. Besides the voices of those singers, there are no other musical instruments; it is performed a cappella. It […]  More

Is a Million Years Long Enough?

A team at the University of Southampton has come up with what they’re calling a five-dimensional quartz optical disc memory capable of storing 360 TB per disc for a million years.  Here’s more of the story in EE Times:  More

The Earlier Earliest Bell Recording

This week, there has been a lot of publicity about the first recording of Alexander Graham Bell’s voice, an 1885 disk, finally being heard thanks to the latest technology. But there was an earlier recording, and it was heard in 1937. The headline of the story in the October 28 issue of The New York Times that […]  More

Enabling the Fix

Sometimes cliches are true. Sometimes the check is in the mail. And sometimes you can fix it in post. Amazingly, the category of what you can fix might be getting a lot bigger. At this month’s NAB show, there was the usual parade of new technology, from Sonic Notify’s near-ultrasonic smartphone signaling for extremely local advertising — on […]  More