Understanding Frame Rate

Recorded on January 20, 2015 at the SMPTE Toronto meeting.

In viewing tests, increased frame rate delivers a greater sensation of improvement than increased resolution (at a fraction of the increase in data rate), but some viewers of the higher-frame-rate Hobbit found the sensation unpleasant. How does frames-per-second translate into pixels-per-screen-width? One common frame rate is based on profit; another is based on an interpretation of Asian spirituality. Will future frame rates have to take image contrast into consideration?

Direct Link (61MB / 34:34 TRT): Understanding Frame Rate – SMPTE Toronto


Tags: 24 frames per second, 24-fps, 4K, apparent motion, dynamic resolution, exposure, flicker, frame rate, HDR, HFR, in-betweening, motion alias, motion smoothness, retinal persistence, shutter, SMPTE, SMPTE Toronto, temporal filtering, temporal resolution, Vitaphone,

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