MLB All-Star 2018

Live From MLB All-Star: Fox Sports Takes Flight With SkyCam, Most High-Speed Cameras Ever

As Fox Sports’ biggest summer ever closes with this week’s MLB All-Star Game, Fox certainly shows no sign of fatigue technologically. Not only is the network rolling out a SkyCam system for actual game coverage for the first time in MLB history, Fox will also deploy its largest high-speed–camera complement (including all 12 primary game […]  More

Live From MLB All-Star: Inside Fox Sports’ Innovation With Francisco Contreras

The MLB All-Star Game is a breeding ground for sports video production innovation and this year’s edition in Washington D.C. is no exception. Fox Sports is breaking ground with a SkyCam, has deployed a camera arsenal loaded with high speed cameras, and much more. At Nationals Park, our Jason Dachman catches up with Francisco “Paco” […]  More

MLB Names Inaugural VR Home Run Derby Champion at 2018 All-Star Game

Chuck Smolka, a nine-year-old from Staten Island, NY, won the first-ever MLB Home Run Derby VR Tournament Championship, held as part of GEICO All-Star FanFest on Monday, July 16. Smolka, one of four kids younger than 12 years old to advance to the semifinals, defeated nine-year-old Cooper (‘Coop’) Stephenson from Anaheim, Calif., in a dramatic […]  More

Fox Sports’ Broadcast Sound for the MLB All-Star Game Covers More Ground Than Ever

Broadcast baseball continues its immersive evolution, led in large part by Fox Sports, which will air MLB’s All-Star Game today from Nationals Park in Washington, DC. The All-Star Game is one of the season milestones, along with postseason games, that the network has been using to incrementally implement new audio strategies. The first implementation was […]  More

Game Changer MVP To Showcase Filter Fan Cam at 2018 MLB All-Star Festivities

With Major League Baseball’s premiere jewel event just around the corner, Game Changer MVP announced it will again provide its portfolio of engaging and interactive entertainment tools for the 2018 MLB All-Star Game. Beginning with last summer’s event at Marlins Park, Game Changer MVP will utilize many of its entertainment features already on display at […]  More

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