Rio 2016

Live From Rio 2016: SRG SSR Takes Remote Production From Switzerland to New Level

Switzerland’s SRG SSR, the joint central production and broadcasting association for the nation, is using the 2016 Rio Olympics to take its remote-production efforts to another level from the 2014 Sochi Olympics. In 2014, an SRG SSR team controlled studio cameras in Olympic Park from the International Broadcast Center (IBC). For this Games, two studios […]  More

Rio 2016: NBC Olympics’ Live Streaming Tops One Billion Minutes

NBC Olympics’ exclusive and unprecedented multiplatform coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics continues to dominate the competition. On Wednesday, NBC Olympics’ live streaming for Rio 2016 topped one billion minutes (1.05 billion) – the first time the threshold has ever been crossed for an Olympics.   More

Rio Ratings Roundup: Despite Lagging Primetime Numbers, NBC Sees Solid ‘Total Audience Delivery’

While Rio 2016 Olympics primetime ratings are down compared to London 2012, NBC’s Rio viewership is about much more than just the primetime linear television feed on it’s broadcast network. The network is focusing on it its Total Audience Delivery metric (average minute viewing across broadcast, cable, and digital) in an effort to better reflect its […]  More

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