"The Fandom of the Opera," LaGuardia Community College, October 6, 2010

The Fandom of the Opera: How a Four-Century-Old Art Form Helped Create Stereo, Home Entertainment, the News, and More LaGuardia Community College, October 6, 2010 PPT: (55 MB, 113 slides) Slide 30 video: (12 MB, 1:53) Slide 50 video: (9 MB, 2:40) PLEASE VIEW IN SLIDE SHOW MODE TO ACTIVATE AUDIO  More

Globecomm Techforum Presentation: Instant Market Share

Mark Schubin’s presentation from the Globecomm Techforum , October 5, 2010: Instant Market Share: Leveraging Technology (Not Necessarily Yours) & Existing Infrastructure (Not Necessarily Yours) For Fun & Profit Schubin_Globecomm_Techforum_2010 (PPT, 26MB, 37 Slides, 32:07 Running Time–VIEW IN SLIDE SHOW MODE FOR AUTOMATIC AUDIO PLAYBACK).  More

Single-Source Stereo and Microstereoscopic 3D

3DTV presents challenges: two lenses and cameras per shooting position, convergence operators and stereographers, graphics issues, ghost images, and false size perception or discomfort for viewers. Until 3DTV becomes the norm, events might be shot in both 2D and 3D versions. Addressing the discomfort issue, researchers have come up with something called “microstereopsis,” which, coincidentally, […]  More

Things You Can or Can’t Fix in Post: Video Acquisition

Mark Schubin’s presentation from the San Francisco Public Television Quality Workshop, June 8, 2010. This presentation consists of one PowerPoint and four MOV video clips (download each file): Schubin-SFPTVQW-Acquisition (PPT, 22 MB) Mounts-the_Problem_(slide10) (MOV, 8 MB) Mounts-Fixed_in_Post_(slide11) (MOV, 8 MB) Mounts-Not_Exactly_Fixed_(slide12) (MOV, 6 MB) Rolling_Shutter_(slide61) (MOV, 11 MB) You will have to play the video clips manually based on the […]  More