Schubin Chronicles

Chronicles Introduction

Early in September of 2001, my wife was working in Sicily, and I happened to be in New York’s World Trade Center a number of times, returning each evening to our Manhattan apartment.  On the morning of the 11th, a couple of days before I was due to attend a European conference, I was in […]  More

A different anniversary

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a deadly act of terror. I’ve been thinking of the citizens paralyzed with fear and the suspect (apparently of Middle-Eastern heritage) positively identified by eyewitnesses and linked to the act by forensic evidence. I’ve been thinking of the subsequent trial and what the Attorney General of the United […]  More

Boo, not boom

Once again, I am in a TV-production truck outside the Metropolitan Opera House. That’s less usual now than it used to be. Even before September 11, the Met had been cutting back on its television production, and, of all of New York’s performing arts institutions, it seems to have been hardest hit by the fall-off […]  More

Happy Patriots Day!

Last week I had to attend a business event at the “New York, New York” complex in Las Vegas. At one corner, there is a reproduction of the Statue of Liberty. In front of it is a fake fireboat constantly spraying water from its nozzles. In front of the fireboat is a fence. And attached […]  More

The Ideas of March

Today is Easter. Today is also Passover. That’s not an unusual circumstance. Easter currently falls on the first Sunday after the paschal full moon. Paschal is the adjective for something having to do with Passover. It’s a strange form but no stranger than gubernatorial for something having to do with a governor. Gubernatorial is from […]  More


Like almost everyone I know, I have a conditioned reflex to another person’s sneeze. Some people say “bless you” or “God bless you;” I was taught to say “gesundheit” — health. We don’t respond similarly to coughs, falls, or other problems, just sneezes. My parents also tried to teach me to consider cancer a dirty […]  More

I read the Times today, oh boy!

The “Sunday Styles” section of The New York Times is not about Sunday and not much about styles. It’s as close as the Times gets to gossip. I don’t mean gossip in a negative sense; I mean gossip as in finding out what neighbors are doing. The New York Times views itself as America’s “newspaper […]  More

Farewell, flighty February

New Yorkers are very friendly. I flew 11 times this month. Number 10 was on Monday, the US Airways Shuttle from LaGuardia in New York to Logan in Boston. At the security point, I was juggling my bags and some charts I was carrying and fumbling to extract my driver’s license from my wallet. “Oh, […]  More

Presidents Day

I saw Marty on Wednesday night for the first time in years. We used to spend a lot of time together. Marty used to live in what is now my office, and we used to ride the subway a lot or squeeze into the back of a hatchback together for longer trips. Most Wednesday nights […]  More

Transports of delight

On Sunday morning, a man arrived at the departures level of terminal C at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. He had no baggage to check. He had a one-way ticket, purchased two days earlier by a distant third party. His reservation had been changed twice. He was travelling to Washington’s National Airport, theoretically the most […]  More

New York words

On Tuesday, the weather was so glorious as I rode around Central Park that I could almost forget the lack of snow. The waterfowl were here in force. There were swans and ducks in the lake and Canada geese in the meer — in January! The geese avoided the small pile of plowed snow at […]  More

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