Schubin Chronicles

A Rainy Day in New York

I expected to end these reports on Sunday, but you keep asking for more, so I’ll keep grinding them out. Please let me know when you want me to stop. I promise not to hold it against you. The weather is lousy today, which seems more appropriate, though I feel bad about the rescue crews, […]  More

One Week Plus a Day

The weather has been too beautiful in New York; it doesn’t seem right. Tomorrow is supposed to bring thunderstorms — unfortunately the first day that we are doing an outdoor event. We’re feeding opening night of the New York Philharmonic tomorrow as a special “Live From Lincoln Center.” It’s a benefit concert — the Brahms […]  More

New York Continues

New York City, where both James Cagney and Colin Powell spoke Yiddish, is a city of immigrants. The newly arrived often end up in the businesses of their established relatives, and thus it is that an ethnic group comes to dominate a segment of city life. Italian grocers have given way to Korean grocers. Greek […]  More

Marks' Monday Memo

– I am typing this while sitting inside a TV truck outside the Metropolitan Opera House. I’ve been booked for this show for months. The avenue outside is packed with noisy traffic. The sidewalks are crowded with school kids, shoppers, dog walkers, and office workers. Inside, chorus members in hoop skirts and make-up are singing. […]  More


Karen (my wife) got home tonight, only an hour-and-a-half late. YAY! Alitalia gave everyone printed apologies for the plastic cutlery, saying that’s all the FAA would allow. The first of the televised memorial events went off pretty well (though all the clergy exceeded their time allocations). I now have THREE more to look forward to […]  More

The Fifth Day

It was really good to be with friends last night. The Long Island Railroad operated absolutely normally and on time. The subways were something else. Service below 34th Street on the 7th Avenue lines has been suspended, making the Times Square Station the last useful transfer point. The platform there was the most crowded I […]  More

PLEASE be careful!

A horrible crime was committed on Tuesday morning. Those who committed it are criminals. They are murderers. They are terrorists. Those of them who remain alive should be brought to justice. Anything that can be done to prevent such atrocities in the future should be done. BUT Whatever ethnic group or groups those criminals/murderers/terrorists belong […]  More

Yet Another New York Update

I am continuing these reports by request. The “frozen zone” was shortened today by about a mile and a half. It is now roughly equivalent to the area of lower Manhattan that has no electric power or telephone service, but crews are working on both, and the New York Stock Exchange, right in the heart […]  More

New York Update

The bad news is that, after the latest collapse this afternoon, the wind shifted. The acrid smoke is now heading north. It burns the eyes and the throat rapidly. I first encountered it at 122 Street, about eight miles from the disaster; it’s not fun. All subways are running now, but slowly. I still can’t […]  More

Another New York Update

Most things are getting back to normal. Traffic was allowed into Manhattan today, so I got both today’s New York Times and yesterday’s. Most stores are open. Theaters are opening tonight. The smoke plume seems to be blowing out to sea again. On the other hand, some subway service is worse. Reports as to why […]  More


Having spent much of last week at the World Trade Center, I wasn’t there yesterday, so I am fine. The wind doesn’t seem to be carrying the smoke and dust north, so we are physically unaffected in midtown Manhattan, but, even aside from emotions, we are certainly affected. I cannot yet make any long distance […]  More