2018 Australia Summit

The future of sports production, OTT, and Esports will come into focus at a very special event to be held in Sydney, Australia on 1 May: the SVG Australia Summit. This inaugural SVG event in Australia will feature a half day of panel discussions, high-level presentations, and networking that are designed to help Australian sports production professionals better understand next-generation technologies and challenges:
-What does the NEP Andrews Production Hub mean to the future of remote production?
-How will the Esports movement impact the traditional sports channel industry and what does it take to make an Esports production resonate with new and old fans?
-How do you launch an OTT service that offers a proper value proposition to consumers and how to maximize the quality of the content from both an editorial and experience standpoint?
-How will IP and next-generation distribution networks change the way events are produced?
-Will artificial intelligence and machine learning change everything?

Registration is FREE for all attendees so register today! 


1200 – 1230: Arrival and Registration
1230 – 1300: Opening Keynote Conversation: Inside NEP’s Launch of the Andrews Production Hub
1300 – 1315: Lawo Case Study: Sports Production 3.0: Continent-Spanning Remote Production with Distributed “Cloud” Resources
1315 – 1345: Sports Broadcasting Australia: Charting the Future
1345 – 1400: Disrupting Live Sports Contribution: Telstra’s Digital Production Network
1400 – 1430: Australia’s Leadership Role in Defining the Future of Remote Production; Sponsored by SOS
1430 – 1500 : Networking Break
1500 – 1530: Akamai Case Study: Technology Advancements in OTT Sports Delivery
1530 – 1600: Charting an OTT Future That Works
1600 – 1645: The Esports Revolution: What it Means and Why it Matters
1645 – 1730: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Future of Sports Production
1730 – 1900: Networking Reception

Featured Speakers